Watermelon Granita


I’m not sure how you spend spring, but in Arizona, it typically includes a lot of chilled foods. The hot weather has me craving light and refreshing treats, like this watermelon granita, right now. Infused with basil and lime, then slightly sweetened with blue agave, watermelon granita fools me into thinking I’m eating snow cones…. 

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Chickpea Curry


While I love that curry has this amazing way of warming up a dish, I’m even more intrigued that it pairs so well with coconut milk and lime. Together, these ingredients create vibrant, savory flavors. Typically, I focus on simmering curry in coconut milk and chicken stock, but for this particular chickpea curry, tomatoes felt right…. 

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Mediterranean Shower


I’ve had so much sharing past projects with The TomKat Studio and Zoes Kitchen. If you didn’t catch it, you must check out the girls’ night in, vintage circle birthday party, game day celebration and holiday party. There’s some great inspiration and drool-worthy foods. This particular spread was for a mediterranean shower. It’s perfect for a… 

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