Crock Pot Honey Teriyaki Chicken


When the week is packed with things to do, make sure you still enjoy a delicious meal by preparing my Crock Pot Honey Teriyaki Chicken. With little preparation, this recipe frees up time to actually relax following a busy day. Click here to get the recipe for my Crock Pot Honey Teriyaki Chicken.

Nutella Creme Brulee


Nutella is such a fun ingredient to add to desserts, especially when it’s creme brulee. Both are equally sweet and creamy, which means the caramelized sugar adds the perfect crunch that encourages you to come back for more. Of course, you’ll want to invite some friends over to enjoy this. That’ll make sure you don’t… 

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Strawberry Topped Meringues


Do you ever prepare a recipe that only calls for egg yolks? Then you’re left with a ton of egg whites and quite the predicament. Personally, I don’t enjoy egg white omelets, so using extra egg whites for that is out of the question. Luckily, meringues are a simple mixture of egg whites and sugar. Once… 

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