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My fab friend Kristi invited me to join a blog hop today. You remember her; she made this wonderful monogrammed cheese board not so long ago for my blog. She shared her story last week (you can read it here), and it was wonderful to learn more about why she blogs. I’m excited she asked… 

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Lunchbox Notes


I remember growing up and loving lunch time at school. It was my time to socialize and re-energize myself with food. As everyone opened their lunchboxes to pull out their goodies, I watched with eagerness wondering what we’d all be enjoying. Of course, when you’re much younger, sometimes the sandwiches and snack packs come with… 

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Spring Rolls


I’ll be the first to admit that Ben and I eat like kids. We love snack packs and anything that is mini, or a version of it. Those pre-portioned Lunchables speak to me, and for the husband, put a plate of cookies in front of him and he’ll ask for a cold glass of milk…. 

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