Trail Mix Bark Candy


Last week I shared a recipe for Trail Mix Bark Candy over at The TomKat Studio. It’s a wonderful pairing of dried fruits, wholesome nuts and everyone’s favorite, chocolate. Click here to get this quick and easy recipe. Happy candy making!

Walnut Pesto


It’s nothing revolutionary, but it sure is good. Fresh pesto is the solution to all boring food. Add it to pasta or a sandwich in place of everday condiments like mayo for an exciting meal; you can even top scrambled eggs with a dollop of pesto freshly processed from the blender. The options are endless… 

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Green Smoothie

IMG_3414Green Smoothie

Now that 2014 is well under way, I want to make sure I’m doing my part to help you achieve your resolution of being healthier. Let’s face it, it’s on everyone’s list including mine secretly. What I find hardest is creating delicious, figure-friendly snacks to fill those in-between meal times. I am always quick to… 

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