Mixed 2015


This year I attended Mixed, a food conference that took their experts on the road this year. Luckily, they headed to Texas, which gave me the chance to see my family (thanks to my friends who gifted me the experience as a grad present…they’re awesome!). Besides meeting some new friends, among my faves was Grits… 

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Cape Whoopies


I traditionally keep my site about recipes I try or develop as well as projects I work on, but today, I just have to share my experience with Cape Whoopies. I discovered them on Goldbely, a site that caters to people looking to try food from around the nation. All the way from Maine, Cape… 

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July Recap


So many things happened this month that it is only appropriate to recap, right? This way if you missed anything, you can find it all in one convenient spot. Enjoy! Recipes for Easy Pulled Pork Sliders DIY Network Spa Baby Shower with The TomKat Studio Fresh Fruit Tartlettes Cucumber + Radish Crostini with an Herb… 

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Prep Bowl


The second piece to my growing collection of Jillian Schimmel Ceramics, this prep bowl is the perfect size for a pinch of salt, sprinkle of shredded coconut and a serving of vibrant green peas. When choosing this piece, I imagined preparing wonderful meals and of course, enjoying a perfect scoop of ice cream. If anything,… 

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