End of the World

Photo courtesy of Being Loving Doing

I hear today is the end of the world (*cue dramatic music*) and yet I type away hoping that you all are still visiting and enjoying the goodies I’ve been sharing. If it was the last day on earth, what would your dream meal be? Honestly, I would love a buffet of all my favorite… 

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2012 Food Day

Photo courtesy of Food Day Washington

Today is Food Day and people around the nation are celebrating by holding tons of events that help people learn and share their ideas of how to create healthy, affordable and sustainable food. I love it! If you live in the Valley, there are multiple events happening today that you can enjoy such as the… 

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An Exciting Announcement!

Photo courtesy of Seed Spot via Cospace

SEED SPOT from Anna F. Miller on Vimeo There are so many great ideas that surface everyday and the reality is, many fade away without anyone knowing about it. Why? Because we all have this voice inside that makes us hesitate from fear of failure and finding the resources to help build the idea seems almost… 

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Paying Tribute


Today we remember those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. So as not to forget the impact this had for all Americans, Ben and I strolled through the Healing Field yesterday where thousands of flags stood proudly in remembrance of those lives. It was a beautiful sight, and for Ben and myself, we could not… 

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