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Just something cute from my home.

Just something cute from my home.

Oh the things I’ve done since the last post has been more than I can imagine. While I cannot share all the details right now, I know you will be proud when you hear all about the fun food stuff.

What I can share is that I’ve had such wonderful support from family, friends and the community (all the way to L.A. even!) on my Food Studio project that makes it all seem possible. I can almost taste it. Anyways, some updates to keep you in the loop, and I promise another recipe coming up in about a week (I know you’re on pins and needles).

Food Studio was accepted to be a part of the Arizona State University STEP Program, which in a nutshell means I have six MBA students helping me work on my business plan as well as any other needs I have for launching the venture. Alongside that, we are looking to host our first food event hopefully in late April that should be wonderful since we have a great team to make it happen, which includes the ladies of And guess what?! I found out that one of my MBA students is a great website designer, so he will be building my website. Woohoo! I will admit, I did reach out to the talented Renee Hong first to see if she might be interested, but decided it would be great to help build the portfolio of one of my students. Luckily, Renee and I will still be chatting in the near future to see if there is an opportunity for us to work together through her new partnership Kindred, which ultimately is an events service on the west coast that makes dreams into reality – LOVE!

There is one more thing I am hoping will come through, but I can’t share right now. Secrets don’t make friends I know, but they sure keep you interested, right? Don’t worry, I will share soon.

In the meantime, this weekend I will be making a simple pizza cake for a little lady’s birthday party. It’ll be a wonderful celebration, and I must say, it’s nice to just make a real kid’s cake instead of a super fancy one. I’ll snap some photos and share ideas in the coming weeks.

SaucyPants Final1 from Casey McCarthy on Vimeo.

Before I go, I must share that my friends of is one of five finalists in the Food Innovator Awards, a national competition presented by Bon Appetit, Lexus and RocketHub. How awesome is that! They are looking for support and funding for an app called SaucyKids, a food journal game for children ages 5-12 that helps change kid’s eating behaviors through incentives and by making eating healthy fun! Check out the video above for more details and click here to support their idea. And just a heads up, the number of supporters is as valuable as the funds raised since both factor in to the winning idea at the end. So if you can show your support with as little as $10, please do so. The idea is great and so are the people behind it.

Until next time – keep on baking, cooking, eating and enjoying your day.

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