End of the World

Photo courtesy of Being Loving Doing

Photo courtesy of Being Loving Doing

I hear today is the end of the world (*cue dramatic music*) and yet I type away hoping that you all are still visiting and enjoying the goodies I’ve been sharing. If it was the last day on earth, what would your dream meal be?

Honestly, I would love a buffet of all my favorite eats, so I can enjoy a little of everything. From jambon and black truffle butter to crawfish that’s been boiling away alongside sausage and corn, there’s too many to choose from.

So maybe the real question is, what would I love to try that I’ve never experienced? The answer: I would like to visit a creamery and taste fresh ice cream right off the line. Eat the first slice of cheese from the wheel of where it’s been made. Enjoy a mystery dinner where you eat with your senses and can’t even see the food. And dare I say, catch something and prepare it from start to finish, even if I am a bit grossed out by the process.

Food is an experience and I would love to know I did everything I could to understand and enjoy it to the fullest. That would make me happy.

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