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Photo courtesy of 365 Days of Breakfast

Photo courtesy of 365 Days of Breakfast

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and if you don’t celebrate it, a warm and safe holiday season. I know our family had a great celebration with friends yesterday that was filled with food, gifts and tons of basketball. You’ll have to remind me later to tell you about the Christmas Porchetta that almost burned down the house, but surprisingly still tasted wonderful. (While currently a bit distressed, I’ll look back and probably say I overreacted and laugh about it I’m sure.)

Speaking of holidays, the next one is coming up soon and I am hosting a small New Year’s Day brunch at our home. But I’m torn on what to make. A part of me is dying to try the buttermilk crepes from my new favorite What Katie Ate cookbook (thanks hubby for my gift and listening to me hint not so subtly for months). But then I consider the crowd I’m feeding and think they might like a good French toast instead. What is your preference? I’m a crepe gal myself – sweet or savory and the hubby, he’s team French toast all the way.

While I sort through my thoughts of what a good menu might be, I thought it would be fun to take a cruise around the Internet to explore food ideas from some of my favorite sites. Ready? Away we go!

Green Onion Rosti with Horseradish Sauce & Smoked Salmon
French Toast Panettone with Natural Yoghurt, Fresh Berries and Honey
Nutella Doughnuts
Blueberry, Lemon and Olive Oil Muffins
Flatbread with Eggs, Bacon and Frisée
Fast & Fresh Weekend Brunch
Bagel with Lox and Avocado

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