Baby Back Ribs: Bake or Smoke?

I am picky when it comes to barbecue ribs; there should be a certain texture, tang and even “bite.” My preference: when you eat ribs, it should be tender enough to bite through without the entire piece of meat falling right off.

But now the most important question, bake or smoke? Well I don’t have a smoker, so I can say my only choice is baking and then grilling quickly for a slight char (or broil for a few minutes to achieve the same affect). I typically add a dry rub to the rack the night before, wrap it tightly with plastic wrap and marinade overnight. I do not brush on the barbecue sauce until the last 15 minutes. At 325 degrees for 2-2.5 hours covered with foil, they turn out quite tasty.

However being a Texas gal, I’ve had plenty of smoked ribs and recently some at a friends house who’s become quite the pro at smoking meats. It took a tad longer (3 hours), but was worth the wait for sure.

I still can’t decide though…bake or smoke? I’m leaning toward smoking and just maybe, I’ll ask for a smoker for Christmas. What is your preference?

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