Easy Cupcake Packaging Solutions

Packaging cupcakes can be tricky business if you don’t have a cupcake carrier or one of those fancy bakery boxes. But don’t let that keep you from baking up these yummies for parties and gatherings away from your home. I found some awesome and easy solutions that will help you transport these treats to your next event.
Photo courtesy of Cookie Madness

Did you know that a plastic cup not only helps to keep you hydrated, it also makes a great carrier for cupcakes. Fill your plastic cups with cupcakes, wrap with a plastic goodie bag and tie with ribbon or a twist tie. Then place the filled cups in a box for easy transport. This would also make great party favors. 

Photo courtesy of Real Simple

You can always find easy solutions on Real Simple. I love this idea of using an old gift box and cutting an ‘X’ in the middle to make the perfect fit for a cupcake. And just in case you’re wondering, a shirt gift box will hold about eight cupcakes. 

Photo courtesy of Oh! Cupcakes via Cutest Food

You may have already seen this, but I had to include it. Egg cartons are absolutely perfect for holding mini cupcakes in place, so the next time you finish using eggs from your pack, save the carton for future mini cupcake treats. Or you can always purchase them here where the color options are over-the-top cute.

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  1. says

    Looks good! =D I love the egg carton. I was wondering how to get the cupcake out from the plastic cup without damaging the icing..

    Anyway, love your header! =)

    And… found you on SITS! =D

    I enjoy baking so i love your blog! But unfortunately for now.. we don’t have an oven yet in our new home. Huhu.. how I miss baking…

    • Joanna says

      That is a great question! Personally, I do not have a great solution, but if you tie a fork to the packaging with a cute bow, perhaps it can be eaten like a slice of cake directly from the cup. :)

    • Joanna says

      I just realized you wrote more on your comment.

      Thanks for exploring my site from SITS! What a bunch of nice women to help others make their blogs into something outstanding.

      Hopefully you will get an oven in the near future; I would love for you to try out one of my recipes that I know you’ll absolutely enjoy. If not, finding a good bakery is always a great alternative. :)


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