What Types of Apples are Good for Baking?

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If there’s one fruit I love to use in desserts, it’s apples. But there are so many…how do you select the right one for baking? Let me help you figure out what kind of apple you should use to bake your yummy treats.

Red Delicious: This apple is crisp, sweet and juicy. The deep red color makes it an attractive addition to salads. But Red Delicious apples are not ideal for baking because they tend to lose much of their flavor when cooked.

Golden Delicious: The all-purpose baking apple. Golden Delicious apples are semi-firm and have a very thin skin. Its sweetness makes it a great apple for snacking, baking, applesauce and pies.

McIntosh: Tart, a softer texture than other apples and makes delicious fillings for pies and cakes.

Granny Smith: You can never go wrong with a Granny Smith. The perfect tartness that is only enhanced when baked or sautéed. Available year-round, this apple is terrific for pies, cakes and muffins.

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