Pup Pawty For Two

Halo and Buster celebrated their 4th birthday this past weekend at Cosmo Dog Park, and I can honestly say they had a blast. While the dogs played, my sister and I set up a table just for their friends. I love the colorful tennis balls from PetSmart, so I decided to go with a vibrant polka dot theme. For a dog party, I think the table setting was fabulous.

Each guest received a goodie bag full of dog treats, a yummy rawhide bone and their very own homemade banana carob pupcake garnished with a wheat bone to enjoy. Just because it’s a party doesn’t mean we can’t think a little healthy right? The pupcakes were a hit! I can see why…they look absolutely delish.

I had such a wonderful time entertaining the birthday pups and our guests. Luckily, the weather held up long enough for us all to enjoy the terrific activities at the park. I did find out that Buster is not much of a swimmer; he enjoys taking in the sites more than jumping into the water…my little wallflower. :) Halo, on the other hand, jumped right in and swam four laps! I never even knew she could swim that far and long. Way to go Halo!

At the end of the party, we had just enough time to capture some family pictures. Overall, probably the best dog party yet.
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  1. Antonia Krajicek says

    It looks like it was the perfect pup party!! Love the decorations and the goodies. Shawna is going to be so bummed she missed out on it all!

    And, how fun that you now have two pup Bdays to celebrate :)


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