Banana Bread

After all that baking for the wedding, I have accumulated massive amounts of extra baking ingredients. Fortunately, I had some super ripe bananas and cake spice from Penzeys Spices that I have been anxiously wanting to try out.

I was introduced to Penzeys a while ago by my friend Kate and absolutely fell in love with the store. It is packed with the most amazing spices you can imagine. Obviously, I took off to the section that I knew I would find spices for baking. I picked up this cake spice that contains China cassia cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and cloves. I love the rich color.

After much thought, I decided to make a banana bread. All I did to alter my recipe was to add one teaspoon of the cake spice.

The smell of baked bread is so yummy. I was good this time and remained patient while the bread cooled.

Finally, a slice of sweet goodness. The cake spice definitely changed the taste just a bit, but honestly, next time I will put in two teaspoons* of the cake spice. I like bold flavors in sweet breads, but this was a good start and still very good. Moist, a little warm and you can taste the banana…the way a banana bread should be.

*Recall comment! So I decided, the banana bread is good as is. I took a bite of it later today and boy was it yummy. Who knows…maybe I ate something before I tasted it originally.

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  1. New Beginnings says

    Just love your blog…your pictures are great and the bread..oh my, I can taste it now. My mouth is watering.

  2. Amber says


    I really have to stop coming to your blog just before lunch. I am starving and this is not helping matters. Btw, your wedding cake looks amazing. You did an amazing job! The heart shaped brownies look divine!

  3. Antonia Krajicek says

    LOL @Amber! That sounds like my complaint a few weeks ago, which is why I mostly visit in the evenings :)

    I love Penzey's too!! I'm thankful Kate and Andy let us in on their little spice "secret"! Cake spice sounds intriguing.


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