Hot Cross Buns


Over time, I’ve become a huge fan of dried fruits. While I struggle to eat them without something else like cashews and almonds, their simply too sweet to eat alone, dried fruit baked into a spiced roll is right up my alley.


This recipe is actually from King Arthur. With a few tweaks to the original, I managed to make a pretty great pan of Hot Cross Buns. The dish calls for instant yeast, so immediately I am game to try it out. I absolutely dislike dissolving yeast because I kill it every time. But with instant yeast, I can mix it into the dry ingredients without worrying they won’t activate.


Just a heads up, I think next time I’ll add some cardamom to my batter. I’ll share an update if that turns out well. For now though, you can head on over to Rasa Malaysia to get the recipe for these Hot Cross Buns.

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