Friday Obsessions: 10.31.14 Edition

Happy Halloween! It’s the last day of October, and I can’t be more thrilled. Little trick-or-treaters will be popping by my home tonight to fill their bags full of goodies, and then, we’ll head to our friend’s home to pass out more candy there with friends. And surely I’ll have a few pieces of candy too. Make sure you stay safe tonight, and until then, please enjoy this week’s Friday Obsessions.

-I’m not super crafty, but these ideas are easy enough to spruce up my kitchen.
-Does $1.50 a day make a difference in whether or not you eat healthier?
-Perhaps making eggs benedict for a big party is not as difficult as I thought with this tip on poaching large quantities of eggs.
-I’m loving the Teal Pumpkin Project because all trick-or-treaters should enjoy the holiday.
-We’ve carved traditional pumpkins and ones inspired by school mascots, but these pumpkins are jaw-dropping.

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Oatmeal Cream Pies

Some days are simply better with Oatmeal Cream Pies. While the cream is delightfully sweet, the cookie will always be my favorite part. Full of spice, the cookie, at least this homemade version, has a slight crunch from the oats and barely crisp edges. And the molasses keeps the cookie soft, so it’s the perfect pairing of… 

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Halloween Eggs

I was super inspired by Brooke’s creative use of a Sharpie that I thought I’d take it for a spin. And since Halloween is so close, it seemed only appropriate to dress up some food. Of course, I headed to Pinterest for some inspiration and found so many creative ideas. The eggs sparked my interest and away… 

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DIY Sharpie Dessert Plate

Brooke is back this week with, by far, one of my favorite projects she’s completed to date on the blog. While it’s inexpensive to make, you’d never know because this DIY Sharpie Dessert Plate looks like something you’d purchase at a boutique children’s store. The design she chose was just perfect. The hot air balloon was… 

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Rucola con Pecorino, Pignoli e Pere

Where has the month gone?! I feel like summer was here just weeks ago. With the days flying by and knowing that it won’t slow down as we head into the holidays, I need to make sure I enjoy healthier meals that will keep me energized. And while some may believe SAVEUR is filled with… 

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