3D Halloween Table Runner

Halloween_Paper _Table_Runner7_680

Wow, Halloween is less than three weeks away! While that seems so darn close, it actually give you just enough time to make a few festive home accents that will get you and your guests in the mood for pumpkin carving and passing out treats. And don’t fret, making your own Halloween decorations doesn’t have to be expensive. Brooke came up with this wonderful 3D Halloween Table Runner that is the perfect backdrop for all your spooky food and beverages.

Halloween_Paper _Table_Runner5_680

3D Halloween Table Runner


12” x 12” black scrapbook paper
3D Halloween Table Runner templates
Bone folder

Halloween_Paper _Table_Runner3_680

Download the 3D Halloween Table Runner templates.
Print either or both of the templates that you’d like to use.
Place the template on top of the black scrapbook paper. I repositioned my template a few times on the paper so the tree and haunted house were farther apart to add more depth.
Firmly press your Xacto to carefully trace/cut the solid lines; you’ll be folding the dotted lines at the end.
If your hand gets cramped when cutting, take a break and shake it out.
Once all solid lines are cut, remove the template and carefully fold the design upward to a standing position.
Cut as many templates as needed for the size of your table.
Cover your table with black fabric and arrange finished pieces down the center to create a spooky, festive table runner for your halloween party. Your guest will surely enjoy the details.

Halloween_Paper _Table_Runner1_680

As a friendly reminder, all printables and templates posted on my site are for personal use only. Thanks so much!

Halloween_Paper _Table_Runner_680

Now, make sure to come back to learn how to make this spooky character in a few days. What perfect timing, right?! Enjoy your crafting.

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