Pei Wei Honey Seared Chicken Commercial

Pei Wei is currently airing a Honey Seared Chicken commercial on television and their website. And guess who got to style the dish? Me! I worked through the night preparing more than 20 of the same dish for this particular shoot and had a blast doing it. I love freelance food styling!

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Asian Steak Skewers with Spicy Scallion Sauce

I like making Asian Steak Skewers for parties. They are so easy to prepare in advance and take little time on the grill to achieve a delicious char. When selecting a cut of meat, I chose top sirloin steak with a good amount of marbling. This keeps the steak cubes juicy and flavorful throughout the cooking… 

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A Trio of Halloween Drinks

Oh Halloween! I secretly love it more than I let on, and the few times I get to plan my costume in advance, I like to go all out – sewing machine and all. And because I am who I am, I spend much of my time in the kitchen crafting up some pretty fun… 

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Purple Potion

Of my three Halloween recipes, this may be my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, all taste wonderful, but the dry ice just makes this drink so fun. It creates a bubbling effect when dropped into this Purple Potion cocktail. The bubbles fill with smoke that escapes when they pop, which is how we get these… 

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Witch’s Spell

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a witch lurking around. Hence this drink: Witch’s Spell. I used black vodka as the base and livened up the cocktail with other liquors, including a coffee-flavored one. Ideal for coffee lovers, this brew is filled with spell-like wonder once you pour in the cream. PrintWitch’s Spell Yield: Serves… 

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