Friday Obsessions: 10.24.14 Edition

I spend much of my days exploring the internet. Whether it’s researching for work or finding inspiration for my next food project, I can’t seem to breakup with my friend Google or Flipboard. I’m not complaining because I get to read about ridiculously interesting topics. They are so awesome in fact, I figured I should be sharing some of my discoveries with you. So here are my Friday obsessions for this week.

-Rice transformed into buns to create a Sushi Burger. I’m floored at the imagination.
-These lazy costume ideas that involve a pie and burrito…umm, too cute!
-The release of the 2nd What Katie Ate cookbook. I can’t wait until its available stateside (May 2015).
-The best baked ziti in the world? That’s a bold statement. Do you agree?
-I kind of want to try Sun Noodle.

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Squid Ink Pasta

I love exploring new ingredients because it’s such an experience learning how to cook something different. That being said, one of my more recent purchases was this squid ink pasta. Who knew you could find it on Amazon?! When I saw it, I instantly knew it would be making its way to my pantry. While it took me… 

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Ghost Meringue Cookies

We have less than two weeks before Halloween, and I have yet to pick up candy for the neighborhood kids. No worries though because I have already prepared my Ghost Meringue Cookies. These guys are a healthy alternative to traditional sweets and look oh-so-cute…I mean spooky…atop a chocolate sprinkle cupcake wrapped in a black and white baking… 

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Halloween-Inspired Cheese Pairings

As I get older, indulging in candy for Halloween is just not as exciting for me. Sure, I’ll have that Almond Joy or frozen Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup to satisfy my sweet tooth, but if you ask me, I’d much rather have an assortment of spooky cheeses to snack on while passing out candy to the neighborhood… 

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Halloween_Paper _Table_Runner7_680

3D Halloween Table Runner

Wow, Halloween is less than three weeks away! While that seems so darn close, it actually give you just enough time to make a few festive home accents that will get you and your guests in the mood for pumpkin carving and passing out treats. And don’t fret, making your own Halloween decorations doesn’t have… 

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