How to Prepare an Easy Outdoor Meal



Summer is creeping up, and for me, that means spending a lot of time outdoors, lounging by the pool with family and friends. I took it upon myself to update my back patio with a bunch of items from World Market’s outdoor collection. I also dove into the Seaside Modern Collection to find everything I needed to feed my guests in style.


When planning an outdoor menu, keep these tips in mind:

Use your grill. Stay a part of the party by bringing your kitchen outdoors. Prep your food in advance, so all you need to do is heat your grill and cook up a feast. I suggest making my mahi skewers with orange-chili marmalade. The fish cooks over a grill-heated Himalayan Salt Plate that can be picked up from World Market. The sauce gives the delicate fish a bit of zing too.

Keep it simple. A common mistake I used to make is attempting to cook everything from scratch for an entire party. I’ve learned that making a few really good homemade dishes and filling in the rest with easy to assemble foods makes people just as happy. When entertaining by the pool, I like to serve a side of colorful fresh fruits. The Aqua Wood Grain Melamine Serving Tray and Olivewood Serving Spoon are ideal choices for serving cut fruits. My family and friends also like their chips and dip. To pep it up, I pick up World Market Peach and Mango Habanero SalsaSalsa Fresca Chips and Tortilla Chips with Flaxseed. The flavors are a bit more fun, and the items look superb in this Aqua Wood Grain Melamine Chips and Dip Serving Tray.


Make a signature drink. Drinks don’t always have to be cocktails to be “signature.”  You’ll understand if you try my fruit-infused coconut water. You can make it as is with mint, strawberries and pineapple or mix it up with other fruits, such as kiwi and blueberries. Serve it in a Glass Infuser Dispenser, so guests have easy access to refilling their glasses. The point is, you need to keep your guests hydrated and coconut water will surely do the trick.


Pick up outdoor-friendly items to serve. It’s bound to happen. Someone will inevitably drop their glass or plate. Fret not if you’re using plastic and melamine products, like these Coastal Melamine Dinner Plates and Ribbed Acrylic Stemless Glasses. They were made for dining outdoors. Pair them with Blue and Green Pacifica Napkins, so everyone can stay tidy.

So you must be ready to entertain now, right? To ensure you have everything you need to recreate this spread, I’m giving you my rundown of all the items I used, that have not been mentioned, to host this party.

Duerr’s Fine Cut MarmaladeWorld Market Organic Crushed Red PepperRound Bamboo Grilling SkewersAqua Rustic Double-Handed Soup CrockSmall Olivewood SpoonIsland Essentials Coconut Oil SpraySun Hing Parrot Coconut JuiceAqua Wood Grain Melamine Serving Tray | Gabriella Outdoor Throw Pillow | Peacoat Blue Outdoor Throw Pillow | Blue and White Tile Reversible Rio Floor Mat | White Floral Metal Sonia Drum Stool

As an added bonus, celebrity chef Brooke Williamson is sharing an easy grilling recipe that you should try. She also imparts a bit of knowledge that will make your dish that much more delicious.



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